Many say, when he returned as a monster, that he merely took off his mask.
- Lynida Valkyle, Former Royal Chancellor of King Arkul
Arkul was the last King of Estir who reigned from Y5. G448 to Y5. G462. He was born Y5. G427 in the large logging town Ottoma, which has since been renamed Grant. His full name has been lost to time, but some scholars believe that despite being unaware of his heritage, he was kin to the Kreshend Royal family located outside of Estir. Many other researchers, however, will argue he was not born on the material plane. Needless to say, most – if not all – information regarding his past is an educated guess.

Early Years

Arkul never mentioned his parents, nor were they ever discovered by sages. He was a strong armed individual who was known for his determination and strive for success. His confidence landed him work as a lumberjack's apprentice, and this is where he remained until around his seventeenth year. That is, until massive fires destroyed the forest he worked in, forcing him to relocate to the capitol, Sebrook.

Reign of Estir

Arkul came to power at a time of great loss for Estir. The land had been ravaged by disease, floods, fires, and famine. With the entire Royal family having succumbed to disease, Estir was in a panic. Many turned to the Tribunal and Mystics for help, but they were scarcely found. In the end, after a long year of none to claim the throne, Arkul was accepted as the King of Estir. How it officially got to that point has been widely discussed. Theories include him having fiendish help, and others guess it was a desperate population's hasty decision. What came after, however, was much more remembered.

In the first years of being King, the terror on Estir was lifting as fires and disease became more sparse. Subjects were able to go back to work, and food began to grow again. This carried on for about five years, until Arkul began creating an army. Any man of capable age was assumed to be sent to war with neighboring territories to the south and east. Many died in what is now called the War of Forfeiture. Nothing was gained from the slaughter of many soldiers on all sides, but much was lost in the wake. The population of Estir had been thinned, and women and children were forced to work in fields never before required. Arkul's Knights enforced strict curfews and ridiculous laws on behalf of the King. With The Dark Shepards in the shadows, none dared oppose him in fear of not only their lives, but the lives of their loved ones. For nearly two decades this carried on with little resistance, until, of course, The White Covenant put an end to the havoc.

The End of Tyranny

Once the White Covenant overthrew Arkul, they banished him from Estir entirely. If he ever showed his face, he would be executed. Throughout history, he is the first and only being to be banished from Estir. There is no record of what he did or where he went during his banishment, but he vowed he would return one day to take back his crown.

The First Necromancer

The gap of what little documentation was made of Arkul spanned for about fifty years. Upon his return, he brought an army of undead; of skeletons, zombies, and wrights. Abominations of Fale ravaged unsuspecting kingdoms and forced them to bow to Arkul. This magic had been unheard of until then, due to its taboo nature and deemed forbidden by the Tribunal. He was feared by all, and fire, famine, disease, and untimely deaths of the innocent followed him.

A Second Banishment

Arkul was a monster of bone and ragged flesh upon his return to Tirisea, a mere shred of the being he once was. When he returned to Sebrook to reclaim his Kingdom, The Arcane Masters were there to banish him once and for all. Written history has no true statement about what happened when Arkul seemed to blink out of existence, but the heroes discovered through Lynida Valkyle that The Arcane Masters used Dragon Shards and their own lives to banish Arkul to another plane. She explained that the only way to kill Arkul is by returning his spirit and soul back to him, making him mortal once more.


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