Campaign Synopsis

Everyone knows the story of Arkul, a very ruthless and negligent King, who once ruled over a vast land known as the Estir. His methods were, to say the least, unsavory among the people of his land. He was a radical and known for his lack of progressiveness, keeping the continent in the dark ages. There was no quality of life, no satisfaction in living, and death plagued the land. Life was not worth living.

He came to power with lies, and quite frankly, with none other to oppose him. He wanted to be King just for the sake of being in control. Arkul had no conscious, and he held the highest regard for himself and himself only. It seemed as though nothing would ever take him down from his pedestal. 

That is, until The White Covenant surfaced, giving hope to the otherwise desperate people of the kingdom.

Comprised of dozens of various warriors scattered among the land, the White Covenant came together in this time of great pain and finally decided enough was enough. Storming Arkul's castle in the territory now known as Tirisea, they captured the king who had burned his bridges to the ground with every knight that survived his rule. There was no one to protect him, and thus, he was imprisoned in his own dungeon until he was finally banished from the kingdom that was no longer his. Escorted to the land beyond Estir, his farewell was short, and claimed he would be back to recover his rightful place as king.

In his banishment the land flourished, and eventually became a respectable trading center for many goods across the world. As a new king rose to power, it was clear that it was simply too much land to be governed by one man. As years went on, it eventually split off into fifteen territories with fifteen different kings, becoming the Royal Territories of Estir. Each were ruled delicately in their new status, but it was apparent that the newly established order would – and did – grow into a timeless empire that quickly became the center of political and agricultural progress around the world.

Meanwhile, in his banishment, Arkul was met with something he had never experienced before: desperation. It is unclear in all the recordings of history of how he was transformed into an even more terrifying creature than he had left the kingdoms as, but the how had not been feared so much as the why. Arkul became an undead lion among mortal sheep – the Emperor of the Dead, the King of Darkness, the Abysmal Lord the very first Necromancer.

Until then, necromancy (or black magic) had been unheard of, or more so forbidden in the world. With the power to raise the dead and use magic to instill suffering in his enemies, Arkul was given a second chance to be the king he believed he deserved. In the forthcoming years, he built an army of undead that would soon be unleashed on the unsuspecting kingdoms.

Fifty years after his banishment he stormed the southern territories that were still in development, taking the newborn kingdoms easily by force because of his skeleton armies. By the time of his siege, Arkul had nothing left but his bare bones, the bones that so desperately ached for the crown. He went from town to town, forcing them to pledge their loyalty to him, and if they didn't, they were sent six feet under, only to rise again as part of his growing army of the undead. With the smaller kingdoms in the palm of his hand, and the army of the undead at his beck and call, he turned his sights to the capitol. It was now within his grasp. To his surprise, Tirisea put up no fight. He was able to waltz up to the gates of the castle he once called home, spit in the face of the king who dared to replace him, and announce his victory…

But it was not to last.

However, the lore is the most distorted at this point in the past, as no one has truly been able to pinpoint Arkul’s disappearance. Some say when he went to storm the capitol of Tirisea, the Tribunal killed him. Others say he was put under a magical timeless sleeping spell, and the rest…the rest say the white covenant returned, stronger, and banished him to another plane of existence. Regardless, Arkul has returned, and it's up to our heroes to finally figure out how to kill that which is already dead.

Alas, sorcerers are fickle, even they will not admit that their magic cannot last forever.

Campaign Synopsis

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